Take A Step Back

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So..again..I have been away for awhile. Busy life. That is the usual excuse. Yes, life stays busy. ALWAYS :). But not the reason this time. I have been reading blogs for the last two years. Over that time, I have found so many inspirational bloggers. Bloggers that strive to make their house feel like home. So many great ideas and projects. In the last few months, I have noticed that some of my favorite bloggers have changed. Their writing, motivation…changed. Lately, four out of five posts seem to be sponsor giveaways or product reviews. That is strictly their choice. A blogger is free to blog about whatever he/she chooses. Call me selfish ;) but I enjoy seeing creative writing and ideas from my favorite bloggers. I decided to take those few off my favorites list and take a break from blogging myself. I wanted to take some time to see what I wanted to blog about. I don’t’ enjoy cooking as much as before. My new favorite thing is painting and redoing furniture. So, maybe I will go that route.

Not sure.

Maybe I will just write about random things.

Not sure.

Don’t expect to see me following the trends in blogging, have 5000 sponsored giveaways, or review products that nobody would like anyway. If I like something, I will share it because I like it. Not because I am paid to like it or because I think a project will give me X amount of page views.

I do appreciate everyone that continues to visit and see that I have not written a new post ;) Ha! I will be writing again soon.


Weight Watchers–Not for me

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Weight Watchers is not for me. Period. Like any other diet, the first 10 pounds seemed to fall off fast. The next 5 or 6 took a little longer. Then, BAM! a brick wall. I didn’t lose for 3 weeks. I gained. For two more weeks, no gain/loss. Yes, I know, it happens. It took me  a long time to gain the weight. And it will take me a long time to lose the weight. Still, I have decided, WW is not for me.

The points seemed to haunt me. If I had points left at the end of the day, then why not eat them, right? If I happened to be out of points, then I was STARVING!! All in my head, all in my head.

So, I am back to eating chicken, fish, and vegetables. Saturday is my snack day. I eat whatever I choose and enjoy every second of it! HA!

Sunday, back to eating chicken, fish, and vegetables.

I am not here to say Weight Watchers doesn’t work.

It just doesn’t work for me.


Thrift Store Table

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Friday marked one year for Dishes and Socks! Celebration was very low key. No balloons. No cake. No fantastic giveaway. However, I did finish several projects last week. I have one to share with you today.



blog38 005


I distressed it a bit.

blog38 006

blog38 007

Not sure if I love the color, but the total cost for the table and paint $22.50. Maybe I can learn to love it ;)


Tip Junkie handmade projects

Busy Times

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Happy Friday! It’s been awhile since my last post. Still working on blog changes. I made it through midterm exams this week! The boys have started spring sports. Baseball for Z and football for A.

We have been quite busy!

I am also pleased to share that I actually started two new furniture projects. 

I spotted this forEVER ago while taking a pile of junk to the dump.

blog 038

My plan is to use it in the master bathroom.

I found this table at a local thrift store. The tag read “plant stand”. I guess it could be…not sure where I plan to use it, but I love it :)


Both tables are primed and ready for paint. Share with you soon.

Have a fantastic weekend!


Making some changes

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Please excuse the chaos of my blog lately. I am attempting to make changes to the layout :) Thanks to everyone continuing to read…hopefully I will make progress soon.


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